OMG! 3 more days...

It's the Saturday before I leave for Nica!!! I just spent the past week running around packing and saying "see you later", "farewell", "hasta la vista". The next three days will be a continuation of that, as well as lots of hugs and kisses to my family.

Leaving anywhere is always such an emotional process for me.  I hold dear the relationships I create and the memories made in the places I visit or live. This move is even more serious b/c it IS NOT at all even a little bit temporary. I have no idea when I'll return and so it feels very final, even if it is only 2 years. So, because of this, I've held back tears and cried quite a few times over the past month. I have soooooo many feelings right now- some good and some not so good. The feelings are a ginormous conglomeration of being elated about being one step toward my dream job, sad about leaving home to pursue it, thrilled about the adventure that awaits me in Nicaragua, estatic about the people i'll meet, language/culture interactions, and travel opportunities, depressed that I wont be able to see everyone i've come to know, appreciate and love on a regular basis, anxious about the details of the next 2 years of my life, nervous about the work I'll be doing, terrified that I might not be able to handle the pressures of this position, blessed to have this opportunity in my life, empowered by the well wishes and support of my family and friends, and excited about starting this chapter in my life.

Jeez, if i already have this many emotions, who knows how I'll feel when I actually take off or start training.... =/


  1. Lindsey !!
    Enjoy everymoment of that great experience you are going to have!!
    Remember you people will be proud of you and waiting to hug you ...
    BUEN CAMINO !! Big hug, Iñigo

  2. Lindsey! You're going to be awesome. Best of luck and please keep in touch :) <3

  3. Thanks to both of you for the encouragement! I can't believe its almost time to leave!