Another list....because i dont make them enough

I saw another Nica blogger do this. I'm blatantly stealing the idea since I like: 1) goal setting/planning 2) travel/incredible experiences 3) making lists. I plan on editing this particular entry many times in the future. Help me by suggesting other fabulous adventures!

-- Ways to Travel
   -- Ride in a hot air balloon
   -- Ride a motocycle
   -- Ride in a helicopter
   -- Skydive, bungee jump, and hang glide

-- North America
   -- See Alaska
   -- Canada (carnival, quebec, toronto)
   -- Mexico
   -- Vegas
   -- Island Hop in the Caribbean
   -- Surfing in California
   -- Roadtrip across America (Napa Valley- Squash Grapes , Cedar Point, Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls

-- Central/ South America
   -- Chile, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Guyana
   -- Galapagos, the Amazon, Chichen Itza, Mayan ruins, Bay Island, Panama Canal, Stand on the Equator, Nazca Lines, Vineyards in S.A.
   -- Volcano surf/sled

-- Europe
   -- Italy, France, Germany, UK, Ireland, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Netherlands, Portugal and Switzerland
   -- Stonehenge, Colosseum, Hagia Sophia, Petra
   -- Grape Stomping in Italy, France, etc
   -- Take a Fast car for a test drive in Germany

-- Africa/ Middle East
   -- Morocco,  Egypt, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Nigeria
   -- Great Pyramid of Giza, Ride a camel in the middle east
   -- Safari
   -- Nile River

-- Asia
   -- India, Korea, Thailand, Bali, Nepal, China
   -- Take a yoga course

-- Australia
   -- Great Barrier Reef, Sydney opera house
   -- Learn to Scuba Dive

-- Swear in as a Peace Corps Volunteer and live for 27 months in Nicaragua
-- Get a masters degree
-- Write a children book
-- Learn a third language
-- By stock in a business on wall street
-- Be a life coach
-- Find work in International Health Organizations/ Agencies

--Learn how to drive stick shift
--Run a half-marathon and Marathon
--Milk a Cow
--Work on an organic farm

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