Mothers Day 2011

This was possibly the moment that put the biggest smile on my face work wise.

Mothers Day in Nicaragua is May 30, which fell on a Monday this year. Mothers day is somewhat of a big deal. Its equivalent to a national holiday in this country. Very few people have to work, schoolkids had 2 whole days off from school to celebrate, there were parades, concerts, and all kinds of celebrations in the street. Moms mean a lot since they do a lot, and it was great to see some sort of recognition for their efforts!

Even though it was technically my day off, I decided to stop by the Casa Materna and say hi and Felicidades to my pregnant ladies since it was essentially a day to celebrate them. Usually I visit in the mornings, but I got caught up with house chores and had to wait until the afternoon. Anywho, the women were expecting me to come in the morning and so it was a bit of a surprise that I changed that time. We were platicando-ing (chatting) when one of the women (see below) told me that she almost cried this morning because she thought I wasn't going to come visit the Casa Materna on Mothers Day. It was touching to think that the few hours I spend with those 30+ pregnant ladies is something that they really look forward to and enjoy!

Later on that week, my casa materna friend went on to give birth to a beautiful baby girl. I went to visit her in the hospital to congratulate her, which is where I took this pic.

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