If I could only say Bluefieleña...

- I could be from Bluefields. First- I need to learn how to say Bluefieleña(sp? which is a girl from Bluefields...)
- Chinandega is in the running for the hottest place on EARTH!
- Its completely possible to be a hot sweaty mess and still be considered sexy, or at least sweaty and attractive.
- At present, I am pretty comfortable speaking Spangelish and emphatically gesturing to convey my point . I don't even realize this most of the time. It's only when I have to speak just Spanish or just English that i'm reminded of it.
- Gallo Pinto is easier said than done. Cuajada, however, easy and delicious!
- Cacoa is pretty darn amazing. As are Linaza, Chicha, and Flor de Jamaica...
- Lunch isn't lunch if it doesn't involve Rice and Beans. Some (my host brother-in-law) might argue its the most important meal of the day.
- During rainy season, ALWAYS carry an umbrella. it doesn't matter how blue the skies look when you leave.
- Taxis are a constant price (10 cords). Tri-ciclos (another way to travel) range from 6 cords to 20 cords depending on what bills you use and If you appear like an out-of-towner. I either pay 6 in coin or use a 10 cord bill, from which I always get 3 cords in change.
- People may think im joking when I say im from the states, or that my parents, grandparents, etc are also all from the states.
- Flies/ Mosquitos just don't quit! Buts its definitely better, at least aesthetically speaking, if you don't scratch incessantly like I do.
- Its not easier to "just say im married" because the expectations I have for marriage aren't quite the same…
- A good piropo (cat call) can really cheer you up. Por ejemplo, a random man, probably in his 40s, asked me to be his 6th wife. He said I should be enjoying my youth by being married. Of course, I respectfully declined his generous offer but it did bring a smile to my face.
- Integrating can be fun!

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