Wedding Bells A'ringing!

(Written July 3rd)
My host sister in Chinandega got married this past weekend!  Her and her husband are both 23, and are a cute couple. I was soooo excited about my invite and the festivities! 

Planning- I didn't see a trace of bridezilla in my host sister. In fact, I think she remained relatively calm about the whole process. Maybe thats because she had some help…? They had a wedding planner to help coordinate the event since they both work crazy hours. Also, im not sure if its a Nicaraguan thing but there were godparents for the wedding. No important decision about the wedding is made without first consulting the godparents of the wedding.

Dresses- The bride wore a strapless dress that had intricate beading across the front and lace in the back. Her hair was styled in an updo of curls that cascaded down her neck. She was glowing and she was gorgeous! Her bridesmaids wore dresses in royal purple and the flower girls had purple dresses with cute little flowers sewn into them. The groomsmen wore black suits with royal blue ties.

My Host Mom

Ceremony- The ceremony took place in a catholic church near my house. It was a full mass wedding. It was a marvelous! Probably, one of my favorite parts was when they were saying their vows. Everyone ran from their seats up to the front of the church with their camara so they could record the vows/ take a photo of the kiss! I don't think i've ever seen that happen at a wedding.

Reception- Afterwards, the reception was held poolside. Although it was rainy, it was a nice location, and everyone seemed to enjoy the party. The bride and groom were awesome hosts and made sure to take photos with everyone at the wedding and dance with whoever they could (when they weren't dancing with each other!). Since my sister teaches folklore dance, one of their first dances was a traditional folklore dance. Sadly, we didn't actually eat the cake at the reception.

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