My world in 17 syllables...

So I decided to write a few haikus about recent events... I'll add more explanations later on, but here goes!

Rainy Season
Inside and Outside,
same forecast all day and night:
It rains and it pours.

Visiting the City Dump
Where does it all go?
Bags, Scraps, Bottles- It's Re-used!
Houses, Clothes, and Games too!

Visiting the Ruben Dario National Theater in Managua
Drums, Lights, and Costumes!
Nicaragua's Past Takes Form.
Blood. Work. Sweat. Pain. Art.

House Hunting in Chinandega
Look! Se Alquila
Cheap, Furniture, and Close by...
Contract? Ya Firmo.

Work Progress at the Casa Materna
Pregnant Ladies and 
their Babies- Thats my job here!
Have not seen a birth =(

Birthday Time
It's almost time for
Smiles, Dancing and Cake, of course.
Mi Cumpleanos!!!

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