Ahhhhhh! Baby Fever!!!

Nope. Sit down..my biological clock is doing just fine, I personally don't have "baby fever".  It would be pretty easy to catch it in my line of work- I'm surrounded by pregnant ladies, infants and toddlers. Its surreal, almost like I am imagining babies all around me, all the time. BUT, I know its not really a case of baby fever because 1) I do not have a prepared list of baby names 2) I am not actively trying to get pregnant so that I can have my own baby to hold 3) I have not thought once about kidnapping any of the babies I come into contact with... wellll, maybe, They're Cute!

Cheeese =D

"Look at me, I'm sooo excited to be 1!"
Celebrating Birthdays- They were born a week apart!

C'mon Gimme a Smile...

YAY!...there you go niece!

Playing Tag after a Concert!

About 30 mins old...
...How fast they grow!

Getting Baptized!

Baptism After-Party

...and not only in Nicaragua, but also in the states. I have a new cousin! Video of My New Baby Cousin!

p.s Mommy, you should recognize some of these outfits..you sent them to me for these babies. Thanks =)

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