Soy Heroe!

"Se Heroe"- Be a Hero!

Today, I ran a 5k race in Chinandega that was happening to raise funds for Los Pipitos, an NGO here that works with handicapped/ disabled children and their parents. They are in the midst of fundraising for their national organization. I remember seeing the Telethon flyers and canisters everywhere last year and not knowing much about the organization. One year later I know that Los Pipitos is an awesome organization and that I personally really enjoy working with them. This 5K race was part of the schedule fundraising events in Chinandega. The phrase above was plastered on banners all over town, hoping to draw attention to their cause. After all, who wouldn't want to be someones hero?

Prep- I found out about the 5K when I went to give my weekly nutrition charla (health lecture) in the Los Pipitos office. I called a few PCVs nearby to see if they would be interested in doing the race. In the end, only Kate from Corinto, Dona Gloria and I wound running the race...and let me tell you IT WAS A BLAST!

Race Day- We got to the starting line around 7am and took off (in true Nica fashion) around 8:30. All 150 of us! There were actually a bunch of people participating in the race considering this was the first time it was done in Chinandega. Even more contributed to the cause by donating money, supplies, time, or just buying a race number but not participating. Along the way, there were water tables every kilometer and people cheering, which made it a lil easier to run.

Finish Line- I reached the finish line around 33mins and 40seconds. How do I feel...? Well, happy! Considering that I haven't been regularly running and signed up for the race 3 days beforehand. Yes, I feel great about the race. What's Next? Do I want to improve my time? There's another race coming up in 3 weeks in Managua. So, Of Course I want to drop my time. I'm hoping to train for it and have a faster time by then. Do I still get a Prize? Yep! I won 3rd place for Women and walked away with a gift pack from Claro (a Nica phone company)!

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