Its not so fun the second time around..

So, I've moved again. There was a bit of drama with the old house and even though I LOVED the coziness and spaciousness, I decided it would be best to just move.

I pay less in rent and utilities, so I can save (spend) more!
Everything is brand new, since i'm the first person to live there!
Easier to clean and manage!
Great landlords, who own a well-stocked pulperia (corner store)!
Great neighbors and very close to the music school!
I can walk around barefoot in my house!
Great location!

No internet (wifi).
No cable TV.
A lot less spacious, which means less entertaining.
No place to hang a hammock.

In the end, the pros outweigh the cons...and there's NO drama! Its so much better to come home to a place where you have peace of mind.

I'll do a little video/photo tour soon!

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