Cuando vino mi Papa!

My father has been talking about visiting me since I started working in Nicaragua. FINALLY, he made sent me his flight information and shortly after he was here, in the flesh!

We spent a few days touring Granada, Chinandega, and a beach. We saw the churches, ate good food, saw volcanos, played on the beach, participated in the mini-purisima in my site, talked with my PCV friends, and toured my site. He met my Nica friends and family and we passed by my different work areas. Everyone was really excited to meet him and I think that helped my dad to have a better idea of what I do as a volunteer. We also did a whole lot of catching up!

Here are a few photos of noteworthy moments in my dads trip!

This is my MY DADDY CAME TO NICARAGUA smile =) (& thats our handy dandy rental car!)

The inn where we stayed in Granada. We had that balcony room, which was amazing. Unfortunately, we didn't get to enjoy the pool.
He brought down the basics and so much more. I'm still eating chocolate from this in-person care package.

A Statue along the Masaya Highway. We passed this statue at least 15 times during this trip since we had to keep making U-turns! He actually was pulled over, but luckily there was no ticket!
Enjoying the most important meal of the day!

Visiting a violin repair shop in Granada

A quick peak at Granada's Catholic Church

Lots of gas escaping from Volcano Masaya. Also, known as the mouth to hell.

Visiting a serene crystal-clear lagoon created by a volcanic eruption

He was singing, as in providing ambience for the tourists...until he decided it was time for his midday nap

Learning how to roll a cigar worth smoking

Another delicious breakfast at Kathy's Waffles!

Bacon always makes my day!

After the LONGEST drive to the end of the civilized world...we arrived at our little beach house in Mechapa.
And this is what he did...

I got to go swimming with the horse thru marshland. Definitely wish I had brought a camera along with me! The views were spectacular.

The teen girl in the middle is one of my violin students and she played a solo song to welcome my dad to the music school

Meeting my co-workers at the Casa Materna

Chinandega Family & Friends

My Landlords

My Sitemates

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