Charla Here. Charla There. Let's give Charlas Everywhere!

A charla is essentially a short presentation, discussion, or chat about a topic, usually health related. They are usually pretty informal, although they can be used in a formal setting. The majority of charlas i'll give during training are at health centers to groups or women and children waiting for medical attention or waiting to go into labor.

The charlas I've given (all in spanish- go me!) have included:
-Salud Dental (Dental Health- I'll put up a photo of my visual aids in the photo section)
-Hygiene en la Cocina (Hygiene in the Kitchen)- This was a group Charla.

They have become my new favorite pastime! Maybe thats a slighhhtttt exaggeration, but I actually enjoy the whole process a lot more than I anticipated. During training we are responsible for giving 3 charlas at the local health center. The charlas are between 15-20 mins and it helps to have visual aids. Essentially, you choose a topic, get the most important, applicable, easy to understand information about the topic. Then, organize the facts according to what you decide your objectives will be for that charla. It helps to have a slight ice breaker or intro questions, as well as, a good way to review the info afterwards. Once this is all together, make your visuals, keeping in mind that its best to use poignant photos and as few words as possible. Then , ta da, after a few run thrus -just to make sure your material is clearly understood- your ready to give a charla.

I'll get to work on my art skills since I'll have to prepare materials for my charla. I'm looking forward to how much i'll get to learn just because i will be giving a charla on a topic. The thing that scares me most about charlas is the uncertainty that comes when you ask if anyone has questions.I want people to ask questions, especially the "hard ones" i just hope im able to answer them. =/

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