Just because I feel very strongly about this issue…

I've decided to write a post specifically addressing it.

Every time I go abroad I think the general assumption is that I don't want to know all the details back home. There are a few exceptions and I already said thank you to you for your thoughtfulness. I'm not sure why being updated on the lives of my loved ones would be considered a "burden". And if it is, does that work both ways and is this blog a burden on you?? The assumption typically includes that i am too busy to care about whats going on back home or that it'll worry me sick or that  i wont be able to focus or have fun. All of these sentiments suggest qualities about my personality that don't sit well with me. As an example, last time I was abroad, I didn't find out about a death in the family until a few days AFTER the funeral because my family didn't want to stress me out. Thats something major my family opted not to share with me. I don't want something like that to happen again.

This assumption is NOT true! Please continue to let me know all the stuff thats going on in your life if thats what would normally happen. Please write, email, call, or do whatever you need to do to connect with me. I'm 110% positive it takes less time, money, and effort than you think. Also, it helps me to know i'm not slowly being forgotten by those who mean a lot to me. I'm still Lindsey- I just happen to live in Nica now. Lets start make the necessary adjustments…we still have a little more than 25 months to go!

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