Rock-a-Bye Baby!

I really wanted to learn a lullaby in Spanish so I could say more than Que Lindo! or Que Precioso! (How cute! or How Precious) to the newborns I chinear (carry /hold) in the hospital. Luckily, the host family I stayed with for my In Service Language Training taught me one and a few cute little rhymes:

Canciones para los Ninos
Yo tengo un elefante que se llama trompita.
Su mama le dice portate bien trompita.
Si no, te dare cha cha cha en la colita.

Tortillita de manteca para la mama que le da leche.
Tortillita de cuajada para el papa que no da nada.
(While singing this one, you should pat the baby's hands together as if clapping or making a tortilla)

Cancion de la Cuna
Dormite mi nino, que tengo que hacer
Lavar tus panales, sentarme a coser
Dormite mi nino, dormite mi amor
Dormite pedazo de mi corazon

This is the cute baby (7months) that lived in the house. He would smile ALL THE TIME, then when I wanted to get a photo of his great smile, he made faces like this:

Anywho, if you know of a cute lullaby in Spanish- Digame, por favor!

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