Tayo comes to Town!

My AWESOME and AMAZING friend Tayo came down to visit Nicaragua for a few days. It was a pretty jam-packed visit. In 5 days, we passed through 3 different cities, saw a local band perform in Leon, went out dancing with people from my soccer team, went to the beach, saw a local soccer tournament, went to my sitemates birthday dinner, visited my health center and casa materna, and wandered around my site and Leon looking for souvenirs. It was really a lot of fun =)

Here are a few photos from her trip!

Tayo and I Getting Ready to go Dancing

Tayo with my Host Mom
Watching a Soccer Game

 Playing with Neighborhood Kids

 A photo of the Garden in My Casa Materna. Gorgeous, right?

 On her last night in Chinandega, we dressed up and Went to Dinner. 
Yes..I know we match. It was funny at the time.

 Dancing in Dilectus!

 Her First Dinner in Nicaragua. We ate in Leon that night.

 Tayo and Ashley

 My Soccer "Coach" Martin

 We found a Sand Dollar on the Beach

 Making Pupusas..Mmm Delicious!

 Placticandoing...My favorite Nica Pastime =)

So, who's coming next??!?!?!

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