Its been a while…

Mostly because August and September passed by in the blink of an eye! Quite a few things have happened during this time:

-Coco Loco  I took a weekend trip to a beach resort called Coco Loco. A beach resort located in northern chinandega. It was a overlooking the beach and the beach itself was a 7 min walk from my bed. The food was delicious! In fact, I wish I could get my hands on some of the homemade bread that they served us..Riquisimo! We played in the waves, surfed, rode horses on the beach and just laid out in hammocks reading. It was delightful! As a momento from this trip I brought back some seashells, which I can now wear as earrings!

-Matagalpa/Selva Negra I visited Matagalpa, another department in Nicaragua, for an in-service training conference. The weather in Matagalpa is mucho more fresco since its in a mountainous region. I barely broke a sweat the entire time I was there! It was good to see everyone from my training group. We met in a resort called Selva Negra, which was established by germans. It has a lot of character and delicious chocolate.

For this conference we were asked to bring along a counterpart. I brought my MINSA (ministry of health) counterpart. I think she really enjoyed the trip and Im also hoping we have better communication about what kind of work i want to do and can do after attending the various workshops offered.

-Corinto Corinto is a seaside port and home to Kate, a fellow health volunteer and good friend. Kate just got a new place and its great! The location is awesome, its a pretty nice space and the family who she shares the kitchen with has an inquisitive and adorable little girl AND its only about 15mins walk  from the beach. It takes me about 30 mins and $1 to get there and so I plan on spending a good amount of time at Kate's place over the next 2 years!

-VAC VAC representative is essentially a liaison between the volunteers in a specific department/region and the Peace Corps Office. Ive recently been placed in this position and so ive only attended one meeting, but its seems to be a pretty interesting job and im looking forward to it!

-Gallerias San Ramon Spending the day at a mall. I haven't shopped in a mall in the last 9 months so it was a little weird at first to do so. My mac was acting a little funny so I went to the mall that has the only approved mac store in the country. They needed almost the entire day to run tests, which left me a day to shop! I only brought a dress and heels, which I will be using for the Peace Corps Cocktail Party in October.

-Chinandega Country Club Country Clubs weren't something I frequented in the states so it was beyond strange to think id be visiting any in Nicaragua. Lo and behold, Kdubs, my sitemate, and I were invited to lunch by a Nicaraguan family after watching a local baseball game. It was a nice way to spend a sunday!

I actually wrote this mid-sept so I still am behind on this blog. Im having a few computer problems, but im hoping to get up-to-date before the end of October.

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