Spanish and Salsa Class!

So my sitemate and I are taking salsa classes. Salsa really isn't too popular here, when we go out dancing on the weekends the DJ will mostly play cumbia and bachata along with the regular top 40. Bachata is my favorite out of the 3. its essentially 2 steps to the right, then two steps to the left. So simple and so fun! 

The salsa classes consist of the two of us and the dance teacher who happens to be my host cousin. He used to dance on a national level but now teaches health and PE at a local private school. He's a great instructor: patient and funny. Learning how to spin has all 3 of us falling all over each other. We've also dabbled in and learned about other types of music and dancing: 
-one dance literally called the "broken leg" because it looks like you have broken legs
-Samba- which is fast and fun but kinda all over the place
-Nicaraguan folklore- which is best done with traditional garb 
-Ranchero- which musically speaking is like nicaraguan country music
-Cumbia- a lot of back and forth…a lot

AND About the Spanish…
Little by little i'm getting to a comfortable place..But, I don't want to plateau and so I keep asking people to correct my espanol  and i'm searching for new ways to learn vocabulary and verbs. This will help me to continue to expand what I can do with the language. Any suggestions would be great

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