It's My Birthday!!!

I had a fantastic birthday in Nicaragua! It was filled with friends, laughs, fun, and lots of love from home. Fun Fact- my sitemate's birthday is only a few days before my own. So we celebrated together! 

To kickoff the weeklong celebration we had a costume party in a local comedor (think diner- local restaurant that serves tipical food). The party was a huge success. We invited nica friends, our host familes, and other pcvs. We first ate a delicious meal and then started the fun. There was dancing. There were inventive, ironic, and ridiculous costumes. There was a jack-o-lantern pinata made for the party. Best of all everyone enjoyed themselves! Afterward, we continue the fun by heading to a local club to dance. The next day after a quick trip to the beach, we spent the day lounging by the pool and later that night went out to dinner at a local restaurant. Turns out the owner of the restaurant has the same birthday as I do! 
Kate, My Sitemate. Her costume is a tourist....
We were 80s aerobic exercise dancers- Just needed a Richard Simmons!

Our Salsa Teacher
Hitting the Pinata!

On Sunday, the actual day of my sitemates bday we went to a local soccer game. It was the finals for the local league, and one of our friends was playing. It actually wound up being a long game since noone scored a goal during the actual game or in the 30mins of overtime that followed. So to decide winners they did penalty shots. Our friend actually got a goal for his team..the team that wound up taking home the trophy! Congrats La Colonia!

After the game, we went to visit the new hotel that just opened up in Chin City. It has 3 stars, which is pretty fancy for Chinandega. We sat by the pool, ate brunch and just enjoyed the chinandega sunshine. Later on, we cut a tres leches cake with Kate's family and then went out dancing with her host brother and friends.
Hotel Farallones
Singing Happy Birthday!
Tuesday morning I woke up to a phone call my mother, for which i am really grateful. I also was serenade "Las Mananitas" by my host mom and sister, which is the song that Nica's sing when celebrating a birthday. I'll see if I can find a translated copy to post on here. Its kinda long so I still dont know it by heart, haha I was also really happy to see the birthday messages form family and friends back home. I miss yall!
Singing in the Morning!
To begin the day, I brought cookies and coffee to the health center to celebrate with my co-workers. After leaving the health center, I headed up to the casa materna with chocolate gold coins that I brought to distribute. We play shoots and ladders before eating chocolate money, which turned out to be a lot of fun! My casa materna also surprised me 
by buying me a birthday cake, which was really tasty.

The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. Kate and I got brunch again at the new hotel and then I got an hour long massage from a family friend. I ended the day by eating dinner with my family and cutting another cake..this time chocolate!

The Casa Materna Cake
With my 28 Casa Materna Ladies
Cake later that night!

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