Work Updates!

Because I can see how its easy to think Peace Corps is all play and little work, here are some updates on what i've been doing on the job front:

I'm still working in the casa materna, working health center, working with the organization Los Pipitios, assisting with health brigade/Salidas de terreno/ Sesiones de Pesaje, organizing a pregnant ladies club and giving health charlas wherever i'm asked..but here are some new developments:

I've been working on starting a new club in the health center. A club de cronicos or a club for patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, heart problems, HIV/AIDS, etc). If all goes well I should hold my first meeting this month.

I'm also looking into working with a local foundation, a local NGO, and thinking about possible projects I can take on in the new year.

The nicaraguan school year runs from Late Jan/Feb to Nov/EarlyDec. Since the school year is winding down, I might try to also look for a nutrition project I can do with school kids over their break. 

Lastly, every health PCV in Nicaragua has to conduct a community health survey before the end of their first year. Im in the middle of mine now. The topic is: Knowledge and Perception of Pregnant Women on their rights during an institutionalized birth. I hope to complete the survey by Dec 10. That will give me a week or so to write up a report before heading home for the my vacation. 

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