2012...ya viene

I'm kinda having a hard to grasping the fact that I've been in country for almost a full year. I've noticed the months passing by on my calendar, I guess I just haven't pieced together that when I come back from vacation 2011 will be old news.  Its not that 2012 being so close is a bad thing, time is supposed to move forward. And, although it hasn't been proven by any physicst, i think we all know it moves faster when you really enjoy what your doing. That being said I absolutely love the work i'm doing here with pregnant ladies and their babies, but i cant help but think that there's so much more to do. I think im integrated enough so that I know which things will work with what people...now I just have to start to lay the groundwork leading to sustainable, effective change.

Here's what i'm thinking:
1- There's a bunch of vulnerable populations (Homeless, street children, the elderly substance abusers, etc). Sadly, there's not many organizations that work with them. I hope to reach out to the ones that do to help strengthen their outreach in the new year. 

2- I also want to continue my work with the NGOs I currently work with, increasing my involvement with their existing activities or helping to initiate new activities that will behoove their cause. 

3- I want to have a greater presence in the 11 health centers in my site as well as work more with MINSA brigadistas and other community health workers.

I have a bunch of ideas of small projects, workshops, activities, fairs, fundraisers...and I want to try and fit as many of them as I can into 2012. 

Wish me luck =)

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