The Grand Tour!

So last Friday night, I sat in my house, on my couch, enjoying lightly salted stovetop popped popcorn, watching a movie on cable. It made me soooo happy to be able to do that during my peace corps service. I count myself as one of the lucky pcvs for not only getting a great site, but for also finding a house that I love. I literally look forward every day to the moment I can return home and just sit in my house. Its wonderful....

Lets start here:

This is MY chair. Every house has the chair. The chair thats perfectly positioned, according to the taste of its owner. This is it. Its mine. When you visit, you may get the opportunity to sit here...or not.

continuing.. from here this is what I see.

My bookshelf/thing space. filled with all sorts of useful nonsense. and non-essential irreplaceable items. I spend a good amount of time each day pouring over its contents.

Also from my chair, I can also see "my chair #2", the fun house mirror and all the little kids who play on my front steps (not included in photo). My chair #2 gets a lot of sun rays and has the best view out to the street, very important when I want to engage in the parisian pastime of people watching.

from  "#2" , this is the view...

Lets go into the bedroom, shall we...

So when i'm snuggled under my mosquito net enjoying an afternoon nap (using my ceiling fan of course), this is my view:

The painting is the back of a huge dresser-drawer that came with the house. The previous owner used it to partition off the room and create privacy. I prefer the open, airy-ness to dark, secluded, scary-ness and so I moved (and by I moved, I really mean my 4 strong nicaraguan male friends) it to the opposite wall. This way, I wake up to a wonderful sunrise/ sunset every single morning!

Just past the bedroom is my porch which continues to the garden (and the dog)

The garden is filled with fruit trees (orange, lime, pithaya, guyabilla, avocado, papaya) and goes back pretty far, giving Oso (the dog) plenty of room to run, jump, play with all the huge lizards that live in my backyard. We play catch occasionally as well. Meaning, he takes one of my things (pillows, bras, papers) and I run to catch up with him. Its loads of fun. He's training me to be a good co-owner. 

Future yard projects include: Learning the art of composting and learning how to plant a productive garden that wont be ruined by the giant lizards that live in my yard. 

I really enjoy sitting on my porch in my hammock, eating lunch, while looking at all the poop oso has deposited on my side of the yard. I also love watching the bird, lizards, butterflies, etc live in my garden. I dont enjoy watching oso run through my flowers or seeing the HUGE ant hills..i've recently developed a certain distaste for ants...

Continuing, heres the hammock shot:

and the porch continues to the kitchen,

and after cooking dinner, I usually find myself back in my chair #1.. so here we are!

*I know the photos are a bit blurry, sorry.

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