What would be on the soundtrack of your life?

Fermata Concert- This link is a recording I made on my Ipod of the Fermata orchestra. They had a small concert at the end of January and this was one of the songs they played.

Nicaragua is full of sounds!

I can count on half the fingers on one hand the number of times I have "silent" days here in Nicaragua. The obnoxious mufflers, church bells at 6am, music blaring from neighboring houses at 6am, street vendors yelling their wares in all kinds of  nasal voices, babies crying, children laughing and playing soccer in the streets, motocycles, dogs barking, horses trotting along the street, taxes honking,  teens constantly playing the latest hits on their phones while walking along the streets, the elderly sitting on their porches saying "adios" to everyone that goes by, the catcalls, the buses yelling out their destinations, all types of doors slamming, people greeting familiar faces in the street.... There are many, many more!

On the soundtrack of my life there will be a little salsa, bachata, merengue, ranchero, as well as classica and reggaeton- all as a tribute to my Peace Corps Service in Nicaragua. One of the things Ill remember most will be the feeling that I'm constantly walking in a musical- Its a something ive come to enjoy!

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