Nica Housewarming Party!!

I'm a little behind on posting...which is why i'm just getting around to describing the VERY Nica housewarming party that I had in January.
Great Party, Blurry Photo =(

After moving into my new place in November, I wanted to spend a few months just being in my new house and getting used to living alone. I also thought that rushing to have a housewarming party would send send the wrong signal to my neighbors...good thing I waited. This party was ridiculous! It was the BEST party, ever, hands down.. and I'm really glad that for the most part it went down without any serious drama. A party like this wont ever happen again during my time here. Yes, i am pretty positive of that.

I learned a great many truths from this experience, some of which I'd like to share with you...

1- The Sound System
Universal truth: Music can make or break your party.
Nica truth: The bigger your speakers the better your party! (YAY, I won!)
Truth I discovered: It probably not a good idea to throw a party in a house party where the walls don't reach the ceiling. This gap allows the bass coming from your massive speakers to hop over the wall and bop down the hall to your neighbors bedroom, which will in turn make him very cranky the next day.
We found love in a hopeless place!

2- The Barbeque
Universal truth: Don't get yourself caught between a man and the meat he's cooking over an open fire. Especially when hes hungry.
Nica truth: You wont find a gas grill readily available here. I have a george foreman, but i'm fachenta like that.. Most Nica grills are made from old car wheels (the metal part in the middle of the tire). They use that part to hold the coal and tend the fire. Then a grate is placed over the top on which to cook the food.
Truth I discovered: You can just throw any o'l meat on the grill and hop for the best. You've got to treat it right and show it some love... I also discovered I suck at starting fires and may need to take a wilderness 101 class someday.
Playing UNO by the grill

3- The Invites
Universal truth: You'll always forget to invite someone...hopefully they assume they are invited and crash the party anyway!
Nica truth: We've briefly discussed Nica invites in a previous post. Because of this previous experience I had more then enough provisions for my nica friends.
Truth I discovered: The 35+ people I invited needed places to stay that... Meaning 15 people slept over at my house and a few other in other nearby houses.
Meet My Neighbors! A few are dancing and ones sitting on the couch...

4- Karaoke
Universal truth: This a great way to have fun with friends...right? (This changes when the songs available are only in spanish)
Nica truth: Its really, really hard to sing karaoke in Spanish, especially when the popular songs are all romantic ballads from the 80s and 90s in spanish..
Truth I discovered: Its better for all involved if I stay away from the mic...Especially when its 1:30 in the morning.
Doesnt this look fun?!

5- Clean Up
Universal truth: Cleaning up as you go makes it go a lot easier after the party is done!
Nica truth: General thoughts on cleaning a house in Nicaragua-  Your house is never fully clean!
Truth I discovered: I hate beer-mud. I hate the smell of old empty beer cans. I don't enjoy finding footprints on my wall.

SO THATS how the footprints got on my wall!?

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