The day I won the race that I wasnt even going to run...

We Won!!!

One of the NGOs, Casa del Joven Voluntarios,  I work with invited me to participate in an event that they were co-sponsoring in memory of the 1st Nicaraguan Athlete to participate in the Olympic games. The athlete was Chinandegana Russell Carrero who participated in the1972 games in Munich. The event was a 5k walk/trot/run and the goal was to promote physical activity. The youth of the NGO decided they were walking it together. There was some discussion about where to meet and when to sign up, but besides that not much.

Race Day Comes and at 6:45am I arrive at the starting location for a race that begins at 7am.  I'm the only person there from this NGO. Around 7:30am, the race still hasn't started, but another person shows up. She tells me that she's not actually going to participate in the race. So, when the race starts I decide to just run the 5k.

I run the entire race. I finish. I drink a fountains worth of water. I keep sweating for a good 20min longer than everyone else. I watch the karate demonstration going on in the park. The mosquitoes start biting and I think about going home and taking a long shower. Then, I realize that the officials are coming towards me!  They tell me I won a prize. Turns out that I won 1st place in my category, Women 20-40yrs. I received a medal and a cash prize of 500 cords!

To see the promotional video that was made in Chin City: Click Here
To see the article in the Local paper: Click Here
To see more photos from the raceClick Here

Also, the organizers of the event are hoping to save the first Sunday in June as annual race day for future years to come!

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