Sand, Surf, and Smiles!

My favorite beach in Nicaragua is located about 45 mins from the city of Chinandega. Its called Asseradores and its my definition of what a perfect beach should be: sunny, miles and miles of sand and seashells, clear water, and lots of tranquility.

If you wanted to visit this sandy paradise, you could stay at Coco Loco. Its run by a really chill group of canadians who've created this peaceful space on the beach. Essentially, A resort that not only has great views and fantastic food, but also works to better the local community through a bunch of outreach programming. In fact, my sitemate, Kate, is working with a group of ladies who make jewelry using the materials from the beach. As a result of kate's efforts and the women's enthusiasm, their business has grown immensely! Their mechandise is now being sold in 5 stores! (5x more than before Kate started working with them). I've brought a few pieces as gifts and for myself. 
Here are a few photos! Take a look Artesenia del Mar

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