Happy Independence Day America!

First, let me start out by saying that 4th of July wasn't really a huge deal when I was growing up. When I was younger, my family and I would visit a family friend for his backyard barbecue. We would eat ribs, burgers, hot dogs, watermelon, salads and then swim in his pool while watching the fireworks explode above. Although, I have fond memories of these parties I cant say that celebrating this holiday has been a family tradition...

Last year for the 4th, to commemorate the day, I explained the cultural significance of this holiday at the Casa Materna. Thats it. I don't even think I ate a hamburger. There were a few PCVs who went to the American embassy barbecue and returned with pansas (belly, stomach) full of hamburgers, hotdogs, and other treats. They said they had a good time.

This year, I decided I wanted to celebrate being an American! I realllllly wanted to celebrate 4th of July at the Embassy Barbecue. But that just didn't happen. Last year there were tickets available for PCVs. This year is seems that wasnt an option and the price wasnt in my budget. So, I had a BBQ in front of my house! We made huge hamburgers, french fries, salad and had dessert in the form of cake and cookies. It was a delicious meal and I was happy to celebrate my country. It also served as a way to explain why the day was important to my nica neighbors- who thought I was celebrating my birthday!

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