Not your Ringling Brothers Circus…not at all

For many people, the idea of a circus brings to mind a few common images. Maybe its acrobats flying high, their bodies forming all kinds of odd shapes in the sky. Or, it could be red-nosed clowns spilling out of tiny cars laughing hysterically. Or, it could  be the exotic animals- elephants, lions, tigers. Or, it could be any of a thousand things depending on the circus.

If some asked me what I remember about my first Nicaraguan circus is will be:
- The extravagant rope pulley system used to haul the acrobat in the sky for 30 seconds. There were 4 men involved in pulling, just one guy (a little guy at that!) into the air. While in the sky, the acrobat did 1 or 2 somersaults, something akin to what a 7year does on a playground. Nothing circus-like. This went on for about 8-10mins. After a while we stopped clapping. I think the crowd, as a collective, was ready to move on to the next act.

- The clowns, who were funny in a very vulgar way. If i were to give a movie rating, the act probably started around PG-13 and ended near NC-17. Not too mention that some of their act including a barely covered curvy teenage girl strutting across the stage, to the amusement of all the men in the audience. It also got really weird at times...

- There were animals! An ostrich, was was lead around the stage 2 or 3 times and a lion, which stayed in his cage. Ive heard chisme (gossip) that in other locations, small puppies were fed to the lion. Not PETA-friendly at all.

- The biggest difference would be that the teletubbies and characters from ice age made an appearance on stage and danced awkwardly while beckoning all kids under 10 to come give them hugs. It was like disney-land, only creepier.

Ill put up photos soon!

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