...and then the Volcano Exploded!

I'm not convinced that life is less dangerous on Long Island, but I can say that I've never EVER had to worry about volcano eruptions. Now, that I live in the ring of fire, that has changed a little bit. San Cristobal is the tallest volcano in Nicaragua and is located in the department of Chinandega. Regardless of where I am in my site, San Cristobal is there- looming, protecting. Its beautiful to see from afar and I often take time to appreciate its immensity. Its active, meaning there was always a possibility for an eruption, but to be honest, I actually didn't think too much of the possibility of that occurring during my service. And well, it happened! Volcano San Cristobal erupted 3 times this past Saturday!

In the 20+ months I've lived here I've never seen the Volcano smoking like it was Saturday morning. Here are a few photos:

All this volcano activity/evacuation happened so fast- It was really overwhelming! My Saturday morning went something like this:

8:35am After sleeping in late, my neighbor wakes me up. The repair guy is here to fix my front door.
8:55am Received a call from a PCV. She tells me to look out my window at San Cristobal.
8:56am I look out my front door and realize San Cristobal is going off! It's emitting too much smoke and it's much darker in color than I ever remember seeing.
8:57am I call the Safety and Security officer to let him know the Volcano is going crazy.
9:25am After talking to the Country Director and the Safety and Security Officer, I send out the evacuation message to all PCVs in Chinandega.
10am Emergency bag packed. No time for a shower or breakfast. Contacted family at home. Headed to meet up with the other PCVs. Run out the apartment, leaving the repair man in my house, still fixing my door with my landlord.
3:30pm Arrive in Managua. Receive a briefing on the Volcano & Earthquake activity happening. We're all told that were headed to Granada until its safe to go back home.
6:30pm Arrive in Granada. Contact family back home and in site. Eat. Sleep. Think about all the craziness.

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