Ambassador Powers visits Chinandega!

First, the Ambassador was in Chichigalpa, a nearby city for an event. There was a donation of baseball supplies to an NGO that works to prepare/send Nicaraguan youth to the Major Leagues. Afterwards, Ambassador Powers took the time out of her Saturday afternoon to visit my sitemate and I in Chinandega. She visited each of our homes, talked with our host families, and we did a tour of the Casa Materna.

Afterwards, we went out to lunch. She spent time asking each of us about our service and what we miss most about life in the states. We also talked about life after Peace Corps. The ambassador explained how she came into her career and where shes been in her time with the state department. She's worked all over as a career diplomat and it was really interesting to hear her persepective on Nicaragua. All in all, it was an honor to have spent time with her and have her visit my piece of Chinandega!

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