Chin City Gossip- Hide your Kid! Here comes Lindsey, the Baby Robber

Apparently, about 2 months before I got to site a women who looks like me entered the local hospital and robbed her newborn nephew. There had been a disagreement between the baby's mother and the father. Because of this, the fathers family thought it necessary to rob the baby out of the hospital.

Fast forward 4 months- I've been working with pregnant women in Chinandega for about 2 months at this point and Ive decided that I'd like to visit them after they've given birth in the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital the guards give me the cold shoulder and won't let me enter the hospital. Finally, after a week or 2 or trying/sweet talking/thinking about how to sneak pass they let me enter. Turns out they thought I was the baby robber, back for another snatch! AND to top it off when the nurses saw me coming they would tell the women to hide their children because the baby robber was coming!

But I think the absolute best part is that this was going on for months without me having the slightest idea...

Now, I hardly enter the hospital but when I do the women do not fear that I might kidnap their children. I like to think of this as a story of integration and acceptance.

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