Congratulations Graduates!

Two of my friends are now Licenciados (Translation- College Graduates!)

Carolinas Graduation Mass

University in Nicaragua is a BIG DEAL. Successfully completing and graduating university is something to be celebrated in any culture. It's in part because the costs of education is so expensive in terms of money and time. In Nicaragua, there's also a sentiment amongst youth that even if they spend the 5 years studying for their university degree they might still not find a job in their field. Its discouraging to hear students graduating high school, not thinking about college or considering higher education because of this dearth of employment. This sentiment also exist amongst youth in the states. Its disappointing that learning for learning's sake is losing its value because the cost of education is unrealistic for many youth. Hopefully, things will change for the better whether it be through education reform or a revitalization among the youth.

 Continuing, Im so proud of my friends for finishing! These college graduations (like many others) came with a a certain number of invitations, mass service, a family escort into the auditorium, family dinners, lots of waiting while the names are being read, and crazy applause when your graduate is crossing the stage!

Carolina, entering the graduation with her Dad as an escort.

Kenneth Crossing the Stage

Kenneth's Diploma

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