World Aids Day 2012!

Every year on Dec 1 the world comes together to raise awareness of HIV/AIDS hoping that one day we might find a way to stop the spread of this disease. There is no cure, but scientists are hard at work and every year new advances are made that bring us closer to a solution. Until then, its super important that the public is aware of how to prevent the spread of HIV.

Chinandega, as I've said in other posts, has a HUGE problem with HIV. In fact, our department takes first place when discussing new cases found for the department. For this reason, the volunteers decided to have a HIV health fair in the new Chinandega mall.

Together we organized a health fair complete with informational pamphlets and the opportunity to get tested. We performed 33 HIV rapid tests, had education games, trivia questions, condom demonstration contests, dance contests, a circus act, a vibrant story explaining how HIV is transmitted from person to person, and give-a-ways. There was an amazing turnout and interest from the public. It was also great fun to bring volunteers from all different sectors together to work on this issue that affects us all.

Here are a few photos from the event:
Welcoming the gente!

Arranging the pamphlets

He made that game from scratch!

Chain of Transmission- How HIV is passed from one person to the next

Condom Demo

Dance Contest- To keep it fun!
The Circus Act!

Not sure...?

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