For me, Christmas in Nicaragua means...

: Lots of fireworks all month long
: Houses have nativity scenes and Christmas trees
O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree...

: No Christmas tree smell, since there are no real pine trees
: A few different Christmas carols and lots of Christmas concert
Annual Christmas Concert in La Trinidad, Esteli

: No Christmas caroling
: Chickens running wild in the central market (soon to be chicken dinner)
: Sunshine… no white Christmas 'round these parts!
: Spending lots of time with loved ones!
Where's the Pickle?

The joy of gift- giving!

: Celebrating with a big dinner the night of the 24th
: The main dish on most menus is called Stuffed Chicken (Which really is not a stuffed chicken, its a  chicken breast stew. So a chicken floating in stuff...)
La Famosa Gallena Rellena

And La Famosa Dona de la Casa
Finally, time to eat!

: Going out dancing after midnight!

: Spending the 25th recovering from a food hangover =(

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