Work Updates...

At 9 weeks out and about 2 years since I started Peace Corps. I'm just about wrapping up every project I have...

For 2 years… I assisted with the ongoing activities of the 11 health centers in Chinandega. Naturally, I worked in some centers much more than others. My job generally included educating the general public about disease prevention, helping with health fairs, brigades, vaccination campaigns, HIV testing, youth workshops, health promoter trainings, etc I also created educational materials and encouraged the use of more dynamic, interactive methods in teaching about health promotion and disease prevention. In association with MINSA I was able to successfully apply for 2 VAST grants to help fund projects related to HIV/AIDS.

Sustainability Plan- I plan on leaving the majority of my charlas, Spanish manuals, and health pamphlets with the health center. I figure since my counterparts have seen me use the majority of them in workshops we've given together, they will be best put to use there.

Music School-
For 2 years… I taught violin and mentored young musicians with the goal that they would come to love their  chosen instrument, be inspired to grow as a musician and develop an appreciation for the learning process as it relates to music. I also worked with the Music School on a street theater play related to HIV. This play was written and directed by the music school director. He also organized the musical arrangement. My only responsibility was to secure funding and facilitate communication between the various institutions involved.

Sustainability Plan-  I'm planning a mini-workshop to teach the students a few advanced techniques (Tuning their instrument, Vibrato, Shifting, Sight-Reading. I made copies of few music books that they can continue to use to develop their talents, as well as lots of sheet music.
I'm also hoping that because I played a small role in the development of the HIV street theater production, it will happen again and again for years to come.

Los Pipitos-
For 2 years… I worked with the therapists and parents of Los Pipitos to encourage healthier eating and hygiene habits. Last Year, I started working on a radio show and doing appearances on TV with them as well, discussing many of the same themes as I did in their offices. In addition, I brought information regarding yoga therapy to their attention and now it is slowly becoming apart of the services they offer their clients.

Sustainability Plan- I copied pages out of the Yoga therapy manual and translated these exercises to Spanish. I have also written all the radio tips that I've given into a notebook that will be left with the NGO. Hopefully, they will continue to use them long after I'm gone. As for the  TV show, im just enjoying my 15mins of fame before I head off to the states. They will be able to use the radio notes if they choose, but they have a variety of interesting topics stockpiled for their TV audience.

Casa Materna-
For 2 years… I promoted disease prevention and discussed health information related to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum issues. I also would do breathing and stretching exercises weekly to get the pregnant ladies up and moving. At time, we would do arts and crafts or chat about cultural issues, or dance or do many other activities. My main job was to bring an activity that would help the women to feel a little less bored in the Casa materna.

Sustainability Plan- Ive made a health manual from a bunch of charlas so that the women have some reading material when they are bored. I also plan on making copies of all the health videos that I have so that the nurses can continue playing the educational videos even when I'm gone.

There were other activities that I did, but there were very many ways to ensure they would be sustainability after I'm gone, which is why they weren't included in this post.

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