Leon & Leon visit Leon!

My Uncle Leon and Cousin Leon came down to visit for a couple of days. Here's how their trip went based on the imaginary journal (a la Bridget Jones) I kept during the trip...

Jan 1, 2013
11am My father calls me and tells me that Leon & Leon will land at the Managua airport at 9pm, not 6pm like I told their taxi based on previous information. I panic! Jan 1 is an international holiday. People don't like to work super late on regular days and now on I'm asking for a late night on a worldwide holiday…ack!  ugh! What if the taxi cant pick up my family up that late at night!

5pm The plane has taken off. Thankfully, Leon and Leon are both on the plane this time, Managua-bound. They got lucky and were upgraded to first class! Lucky for me, the taxi has agreed to meet them at the airport and bring them to Leon City. I kick back and relax. Maybe I'll take a hot shower and watch a little hotel cable. =)

9:21pm I start to wonder where my family is. I know the plane landed at 9pm. The taxi wasn't there since they told me they were landing at 9:30pm. I panic! That means 30mins waiting in the shady-ness that is Managua at night. You could lose your passport and wallet in less time than that. Its good they both speak a lil spanish, hopefully thats enough to avoid any creepsters. Its a good thing no means no spanish as well. Hopefully they weren't abducted inside the airport. That'd be terrible!

9:28pm My family has called! YAY! They are alive and in the taxi I sent for them. Hopefully, he reminds them to keep their windows rolled up so nothing sketchy happens in Managua. I return to hotel cable and keep half-watching bad detective shows. This is great!

11:21pm I run into my Uncles arms! Thankful that he has all his organs. I also give my cousin a huge bear hug. The human trafficking mobsters might've tried to hold him for ransom or something. Anyway, I can stop thinking about that. They both made it to Leon!

11:45pm My uncle's brought me M&Ms and Combos! I am very happy about this development. Definitely a close second to hugging my family. Maybe this moment ties for first...not sure, its been a very emotional day!

Jan 2, 2013
7am My body keeps doing this weird thing where it wakes me up early after it thinks i've gotten enough sleep. I check my email, Facebook, and look over at my uncle and cousin, both passed out on the beds still asleep. They made it to Nicaragua!! Hurrah!

10am Breakfast time. I do a little dance. Hands down my favorite meal of the day. We are headed to one of my favorite breakfast places in Nicaragua. So excited for the family to try Gallo Pinto and other nicaraguan delicacies. I'm getting my usual. They both want to try a Nica Breakfast (Gallo Pinto, Eggs, Nica Cheese, Fried Plantain, and a tortilla). Yummy, Yummy Breakfast!

10:37am hmm, well at least I enjoyed breakfast… I guess Gallo Pinto is an acquired taste? Well, at least my uncle liked the maduro frito and my cousin loved the fresh fruit!

11am We are doing a walking tour of Leon, admiring the churches, the markets, the people, other the tourists. Its so nice catching up with my family!

11:12am- Eh...Uncle, Cousin, just go ahead and step around the bolo (drunk guy). They are usually harmless when passed out like that.

12:15pm We check into our private cabana at the Hostal Mariposa and start to enjoy Nicaragua's finest rum- Flor de Cana. Nica libres start flowing. Now we're all kicking back and relaxing! Cousin Leon takes a nap. All is well!

4:30pm We head out to the beach, Las Penitas, to meet up with other volunteers and have dinner. I'm glad we are getting here in time for the sunset. I'm sure its going to be beautiful!

6:45pm This fried fish looks delicious! This is going to be a great meal. Its also pretty cool that my uncle and cousin get to interact with so many different volunteers and hear about their experiences in Nicaragua. For such a short trip they are meeting a whole lot of people.

8:30pm wow... im prettttty bad a playing pool. But at least we are all having a good time being horrible at this game!

11:25pm Time to head back to the hostel. Its late im tired.

11:40pm Crook! Thief! That taxi definitely overcharged us. I understand the need to make money, but you should not take advantage of tourists. Im going to ask about the price he charged us in the morning, it just doesn't seem right!

1am The internet goes out. Leon & Leon are saddened by this. I am already asleep.

Jan 3, 2013
7am Surprise, Surprise. I'm up bright and early. The sun hasn't event brushed its teeth yet. Why cant I sleep in until 9am or something?

9:25am I was right! He overcharged us by about 100cordobas. Thats a lot!

9:30am Heading towards Chinandega. First we took the sun- soaked local bus, than the sweaty interlocal micro bus. I hope they are getting a better sense of how I get around. I wish I was nica enough to let more than 1 person ride on my bike. Ive seen families of 4 all riding on the same bike. We could definitely all fit on my bike. Leon is a bit far though…

11:30am OMG! wow..wow..what the..how..OMG OMG OMG!.. what?!

11:41am no but really.. this is so ridiculous..OMG! how am i going to clean all of this ash of ALL of my belongings?! Also, i wish that i had already packed a bag and that my house wasn't a pigsty! I would've like my family to not have had to wait while I waded through the ash looking for dusty stuff to send with them back home. Jeez!

12:45pm Leon is taking a nap (even though he work up 3 hours ago) and uncle leon is helping me clean by sweeping the floor. I am trying to figure out what I wont be using in the next few months. I'd like to send a bag back home with my family. Aha! yes, I can send some clothes and my hammocks. Oh! the novel in spanish and the jewelry I don't wear as often. Thats enough. A few things less to think about when im packing up for good.

1pm We are at Dona Gloria house eating Indio Viejo! This is a traditional nicaraguan dish. Leon and Leon like the food! In fact, its a contender for best home home cooked meal they've had in Nicaragua. (Its going to be the only thing on the list.. but thats besides the point)

2:20pm we walk back to Dona Gloria house for photos. You have to document trips like this. Youve also got to introduce the family to everyone who lives on  your block. This starts the beginning of introductions to my neighbors.

2:50pm We finally have introduced the family to all the neighbors on my block. Now off the get massages and pedicures! Its been a long 2 days...

7pm We have been properly massaged and pampered. Next stop, FOOD! I choose the restaurant Al Carbon, because I don't think gallo pinto is a staple on the menu AND my family really enjoys good steak.

7:45pm Leon and Leon decide to try and get a quick pickup game of basketball in before dinner. They Win! I cheer gleefully from the sidelines.

9pm We are discussing the best times and the worst times of the past few days. Im glad they made it down for a visit and I'm happy to hear what they think about the trip. The family says they really enjoyed their trip!  My uncle was happy to see my smile and meet my family/ friends in Nicaragua. My cousin says he has learned not to take things for granted and that this may be the best trip he's gone on since beginning his job with the airline. Thats a pretty good way to end the trip. =)

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