Re-post:: 2012 Wish List

Now, as the old health group is leaving Nicaragua and returning to the states, it's hit me just how fast the time is flying. I have 12 months left and soooo much to accomplish during that time. So what do I do when I need to organize my thoughts. I make a list... Luckily, its partially done!
This group list was made back in December the night before I flew back to the states for vacation! Kate, Ashley, and Nelson and I sat around thinking about everything we hoped to accomplish over the last 15months of our Peace Corps Service. It was a nice way to close out the year- drinking wine, laughing and chatting with friends about good memories and ending the night excited about all the great adventures we'll have in the year to come!

My motto for the next year- Carpe Diem!

THIS = Already Accomplished!
THIS = not on my personal list...
THIS = May not happen =(

Oh the Places We Will Go in 2012:
  1. Bluefields (for Palo de Mayo)
  2. Rio San Juan (volunteer visits and kayak trip)
  3. Ocotal
  4. Jinotega
  5. Coseguina
  6. Wendy’s in Honduras
  7. Isla de Ometepe
  8. Costa Rica
  9. El Salvador
  10. Corn Island
  11. Hot Springs- Chinandega
  12. Boaco
  13. Sol-en-something islands
  14. Somoto Canyon
Oh the Things We Will Do in 2012:
  1. Climb Volcano
  2. Volcano boarding
  3. hang hammock on a boat
  4. make wine
  5. Flor de Cana tour
  6. cigar tour
  7. Join a basketball team
  8. learn to box
  9. do work in site
  10. salsa en Leon and Managua
  11. Linds- salsa in competition
  12. garden
  13. compost
  14. eat tejadas!! Or any type of banana!!- Lindsey
  15. have a fish fry
  16. lose 5 lbs
  17. do more yoga
  18. go net and spear fishing
  19. knit baby booties
  20. continue development for “3 Sisters Hostel: A Place to Stay”
  21. find boyfriends (but don’t get married…or pregnant)
  22. learn to do salsa turns
  23. make campo oven and bake food in it
  24. help Dona Gloria with jewelry
  25. do nothing more often
  26. visit volunteer sites
  27. go to coffee farm
  28. visit finca (Fundacion Coen)
  29. watch Dirty Dancing and Havana Nights
  30. PACA store competition
  31. surf
  32. corn field hide n seek
  33. country club
  34. go to new mall
  35. streaking
  36. nude beach
  37. spa package at spa in Granada
  38. make cuajada
  39. make bread and pitas
  40. Nica cooking- perfect Gallo Pinto
  41. more Leon crazy nights
  42. make choreographed dance and perform it
  43. do karaoke at Lindsey’s house
  44. learn to do the hot hip dance move
  45. grow back Ashley’s big toe nail (more of a personal goal, but we will be on hand for emotional support)
  46. be the best friends we can be
  47. be superior in Spanish
  48. go camping
  49. go “real” ziplining
  50. make chocolate
  51. milk a cow
  52. listen to live music at Espigon on Sunday afternoon
  53. drink wine at sunset at Costa Azul

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