Festival de Maiz!

The Festival de Maiz is held the first weekend in July and is basically a festival all about corn. Any meal, drink, snack, or dance corn based (yes, i said dance) is present. I don't think I can name all the items that involve corn, but my favorites are:

Tiste- a chocolately corn drink. Best served ice cold
Indio-Viejo- a thick vegetable stew with a corn base. Best served with hot rice and a fresh tortilla (also made from ground corn).
Pupusas- a treat from our neighbors in El Salvador. Its corn dough filled with oozy cheese (or beans or chicken or fried pig skin) and shaped into a thin disc. Once its evenly cooked and golden brown on both sides its best served topped with a cabbage/carrot salad and a little spicy sauce.
Atol- a sweet dessert made from corn. Depending on who makes it it can be porridge form or gelatin like. Sometimes its even pink! (if dye is added)

There were so many more options! Luckily, vendors selling corn drinks, atol and tortilla often pass by my front door every morning, Indio-Viejo is a staple at the casa materna and there is a pupusa restaurant in the central park- So I never have to go far for my favorites!

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